Internship and Master Thesis

During the first year of the degree, students will obtain the basic common knowledge which the SEAS 4.0 master aims to provide. In addition, they should have done some elections based on their preferences and met a majority of the involved partners in the degree. This way, the decision of a specific third semester mobility could be objectively done.

-During the second semester, the four partners which will be offering courses (UNINA, UDC, UNIZG and TUHH), should provide a number of internships and associated master thesis topics and supervisors. Internships could be done in industrial partners or in research and development centres or institutions, and the associated master thesis should have a topic related to the corresponding internship. It is not necessary that internship and Master Thesis are carried out in the city/area of the host institution of the third semester, but their topics should be in line with the expertise of the third semester host institution.

-Finally, and at the end of the second semester, students will propose their path for the 3rd semester among the available alternatives. The Education Board of the SEAS 4.0 master will decide on the basis of students preferences, their academic results and fair distribution among CU the final mobility path.

Once the internship and the Master Thesis are completed, a main event would take place in UNINA, where all Master Thesis will be defended.

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