Sustainable Ship and Shipping 4.0 (SEAS 4.0) is a year-and-half-long (90 ECTS) integrated, international, innovative, and methodologically diversified course to award a double Master Degree. It is taught in English and jointly designed by SEAS 4.0 Consortium Universities: University of Napoli Federico II, University of A Coruna and University of Zagreb.

The development of the SEAS 4.0 Master Programme has been inspired by an emerging necessity to enlarge and improve the knowledge of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering curricula with elements of Ship Management, Infologistics and Sustainability concepts in the frame of Industry 4.0. Such elements will be required skills for future Ship Designers, Marine Engineers and Ship Managers.

SEAS 4.0 is tailored for students who hold a minimum of 240 ECTS in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering or other relevant technical degrees (mechanical, civil, aerospace, etc). SEAS 4.0 offers them a possibility to extend their knowledge and skills within a multidisciplinary team.

SEAS 4.0 is based on a holistic approach to higher education of new experts ready to work in an increasingly digitalized, automated, and globally mobile environment.