Selection criteria for Erasmus + EMJMD scholarships and other financial supports

The Education Board evaluates the candidates on the basis of the documents uploaded in the online application form and their performances during the interview.

Students will be selected first on the basis of academic Excellence, taking their GPA (grade point average) as a major criterion.

Working experience is not a compulsory criterion, but it shall be taken into consideration within the procedure selection.


Academic performance GPA and student transcripts and interview

0 – 30

0 – 15

Academic references Recommendation letters A and B

0 – 10

Language level Language certificates

0 – 5

0 – 5

Motivation and fit for the program Motivation letter

0 – 15

0 -10

Multicultural learning environment Personal video

0 – 10


The Selection Procedure develops in two stage: the first stage consists of the analysis of the documentation received by applicants while the second stage is the interview for the selected candidates. At the end of the First stage all the candidates are ranked in order to evaluate their admission to the Interview Stage. Non-eligible candidates and Applicants with the score lower than 50 points are not selected for the interview and they will be informed by mail from the Coordinator.

The selected candidates are invited to the interview of maximum 20 minutes duration. During the colloquium, general questions to evaluate the motivation and a few questions relative to candidate professional experience are discussed with the candidate.

Applicants obtaining a 70/100 minimum score will be ranked and divided into MAIN LIST and RESERVE LIST and informed by email before March 31st, 2022.

Candidates from the MAIN LIST will be asked for preliminary acceptance of the EMJMD scholarship before EACEA data control.

Candidates that are selected, but not offered a scholarship because of their lower-ranking, are placed on the RESERVE LIST. They might be offered an EMJMD scholarship if candidates on the MAIN LIST drop out, or if they fail to provide a complete application package before the deadline.

Candidates that are on the RESERVE LIST and that have not been offered a scholarship can apply for a place in the programme as self-funded students.

Non-eligible and non-selected Applicants will be notified by email before March 31st, 2022.

Promoting Gender Balance in SEAS 4.0

SEAS 4.0 is dedicated to promoting gender balance and eliminating the gender gap in technical sciences. The balance between genders will be promoted. In cases of students having the same level and the same qualifications, priority will be given to the less represented gender.

Students with Disabilities

SEAS 4.0 is dedicated to supporting access to quality education for students with disabilities and encourages differently-abled students to apply for the program.

Lifelong Learning

SEAS 4.0 supports the commitment of the European Union to lifelong learning and encourages non-traditional, returning, and second-career students to apply.