Grading systems of each host institutions will apply (10 – 30 UNINA, 0-10 UDC, 1-5 UNIZG, 5-1 TUHH). However, ECTS grading should also be used in each host for the sake of administrative purposes and ease of recognition.

To progress from Semester 1 (30 ECTS) to Semester 2 (30 ECTS) the student must achieve a minimum ECTS grade of E (i.e. a pass) in all modules.

To progress from Semester 2 (30 ECTS) to Semester 3 (12 ECTS in courses + 18 ECTS in Master Thesis + Internship) the student must also achieve a minimum ECTS grade of E in all modules. Examinations passed and credits earned at one university will be fully recognised by the other partners.

To be awarded the Master Degree, the student must have successfully passed all modules at grade A to E under the ECTS scheme.

All learning activities could be evaluated twice (except in certain cases, duly specified in the course description, i.e. training session).

If a student fails once, he/she can present the exam a second time. If he/she has moved to the following partner institution the assessment will be done remotely. If the student fails a second time to the same evaluation, he/she won’t be allowed to follow the SEAS 4.0 Programme.